Privacy Policy

Our Company takes seriously the protection of the privacy of its customers. That is why we strictly follow the following protection policy, which ensures the high level of services offered and strictly adheres to the current legal framework.

With this Privacy Policy statement, we want to inform you about how our Company protects the privacy of your communications and collects, processes, uses and stores your personal data through our Website as well as the options and rights that you have regarding the above collection and processing of your personal data. By visiting our Website you become aware of and accept the data protection policy that follows.

This Data Protection Policy is valid only for the Website Users should be aware that our Website may contain links to other websites, however our Company is not responsible for the data protection practices and conditions or the content of such websites.


For the purposes of this, the following definitions apply:
1.1. “Cookie” – a short text of software code, which is sent for storage by the Internet server of the Company to the user’s PC at each entry of the latter on the Website, in order to record the selected browsing history of the user within EVMAREIA. It is necessary as a mechanism for the technical execution of the service of the “bag” of orders.
1.2. “Recipient” – any natural or legal person, public authority, service or other body to whom personal data is disclosed, whether it is a third party or not.
1.3. “GCC” – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural resources
against the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Regulation on Data Protection).
1.4. “Processing” – Any work or series of tasks performed with or without the aid of automated methods and applied to personal data, such as collection, registration, organization, preservation or storage, modification, export, use, transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, association or combination, interconnection, commitment (blocking), deletion, destruction.
1.5. “Business” – Our Company with the name GOZIAS IOANNIS and distinctive title “EVMAREIA.” based in NAVARINOU 33 KALAMATA 24100.
1.6. “Business User” – the company that makes use of the services of the Website
1.7. “Website” – the website that is accessible through the domain name, including all of its websites.
1.8. “Profile Training” – any form of automated processing of personal data for the assessment of personal aspects relating to a natural person, in particular the analysis or prediction of aspects of performance at work, financial status, health, personal preferences or interests; the reliability or behavior, position or movements of the data subject.
1.9. “Personal data” – any information referring to internet users (s) of the Website
1.10. “Consent” – any indication of will, free, specific, express and fully aware, by which the data subject expresses that he agrees, with a statement or a clear positive action, to process the personal data concerning him.
1.11. “User” – the internet user of the Website to whom the data refers and whose identity is known or can be verified, ie it can be identified immediately or indirectly.


2.1. This policy defines the terms and conditions, observed by our Company, for the protection of the privacy of EVMAREIA users. This policy includes the rules, based on which we collect and process your personal data and ensure the confidentiality of this information.
2.2. Our Company reserves the right to modify and update this policy, whenever it deems necessary, while the respective changes take effect from their public appearance on the EVMAREIA Website.
2.3. In the event that any of these terms are deemed invalid, illegal or abusive for any reason, the other terms will remain valid and valid as long as they do not conflict with the will expressed through this policy.


We fully respect your fundamental rights and make the protection of your privacy a priority of our Company. In this context, when processing your personal data, we follow the following basic principles:
3.1 We process your personal data in a lawful and lawful manner and maintain full transparency vis-.-Vis you in relation to the way we manage your personal data.
3.2. We collect and process your data only for specified, express and lawful purposes, as set forth in this policy, and we do not process it further in a manner incompatible with those purposes.
3.3. We process your personal data only to the extent that it is appropriate and relevant to the above purposes, while limiting the relevant processing to the extent necessary for those purposes.
3.4. We make reasonable efforts with your assistance, so that your processed data is accurate and, when necessary, updated in relation to the purposes of processing, taking all reasonable steps to delete or correct them immediately in case of inaccuracy. .
3.5. We keep your personal data in a form that allows your identification only for the period required for the above
processing purposes.
3.6. We process your personal data in a way that guarantees their security using appropriate techniques or
organizational measures.
3.7. We do not intend to further process your personal data for a purpose other than that for which it was collected.
3.8. We inform you that there is no obligation for you to provide your personal data and there are no possible consequences from not providing it. We further inform you that your personal data will not be used for automated decision making, including profiling.
3.9. Without prejudice to what is stated in this policy, we do not disclose or transmit your personal data to third parties.
further persons without your consent, unless permitted by law or by contract between us.
3.10. We inform you that we do not transmit your personal data to a third country or international organization, for which there is no adequacy decision of the European Commission according to the GCP.
3.11. In general, we fully comply with the current legislation and comply with all our obligations arising from it, as per
the law responsible for processing your personal data.


4.1. The types of personal data we collect and process from you depend on the services you choose to provide. Thus, during (a) the entry and use of the Website, (b) the registration in the information service through electronic letters (newsletter), (c) the creation of a personal account and (d) the provision of services, you grant to our Company the following items personal data.
4.2. When navigating our Website provide the following data:
Internet Protocol Address (IP Address).
In-Site Navigation Data.
Service preference information.
Data for executed transactions.
Content produced by the User.
4.3. When subscribing to the newsletter service, provide us with the following data:
E-mail address (e-mail).
4.4. When creating our personal account, provide the following data:
Alias ​​(username).
Email address.
Full name.
Tax Identification Number and Tax Office.
Contact info.
4.5. In addition, in the event that any user communicates with us via email or other means, we collect and process personal data related to such communications, under the terms and conditions hereof, in order to meet the relevant requirements and requests. and to improve our services offered.
4.6. The Company does not collect or gain access to personal data of its users – customers, related to the online payment of services provided through the Website, such as numbers and credit card codes. Such data is collected and processed exclusively by and under the responsibility of the partner bank during the process of execution and completion of each sale by the method of redirect, ie by the method of transferring the user from the website https: // evmareia .gr / on the liability website of the said banking company.
4.7. Our Company does not collect or gain access in any way to special categories (“sensitive”) of personal data or data relating to criminal convictions and offenses of its users – clients. You have the obligation to refrain from posting such data, concerning you personally or third party data subjects. In the event that you post such data on our Website, it will be removed as soon as it comes to our notice. We do not take any responsibility towards you or third parties for any posting and / or processing of sensitive data, due to your actions or omissions in violation of the above obligation.


5.1 Your personal data, which are necessary for the navigation and use of our Website in accordance with article 6 § 1 (b) of the GCP, are collected and processed by our Company for the following purposes:
Technical capability for the smooth operation of our Website.
User friendly and easy operation of our Website.
Improve your web experience while navigating and using our Website.
Recording consumer habits through the use of anonymous statistical data.
Sending informative e-mails to the subscribers of the information service through electronic letters (newsletter).
5.2. Your personal data, which are necessary for the provision of our services within the framework of a contractual relationship between us in accordance with article 6 § 1 (b) of the GCP, are collected and processed by our Company for the following purposes:
Execution of the contractual obligations of our Company towards the ordinary and Business Users of our Website.
Immediate, adequate and efficient provision of our services.
Tax use and use for reasons of invoicing and proof of the provision of the ordered services.
Communication with our customers in the context of the good execution of our services as well as for the resolution of any complaints.
Improvement and renewal of our products and services, in order to meet as much as possible the needs of our customers.
Administrative organization and operation of our Company.
Management of our clientele.

Support for legal claims.

5.3. Our Company collects and processes personal data of its users – customers exclusively for the aforementioned purposes and only to the extent absolutely necessary for the effective service of these purposes. This data is always relevant, relevant and not more than what is required in view of the above purposes, and is accurate and, if necessary, updated. Furthermore, such data shall be retained only during the period required for the purposes of their collection and processing and shall be deleted thereafter.


6.1. Our Company may process personal data only with the legal consent of the users of the Website for
the following purposes:
For the purposes of commercial communication, marketing and advertising of our services or third party services via SMS, telephone, e-mail, internet, fax, mail, social media and / or any other suitable communication channels.
For research and / or analysis purposes to better understand your needs, preferences, interests, experiences and / or habits as a consumer.
For the operation and management of any rewards programs.
6.2. You give us your consent to the processing of your personal data for the above purposes by electronic declaration in a manner clearly distinct from other matters, in an understandable and easily accessible form. Your consent is given freely and your personal data is provided, without such provision being your legal or contractual obligation or requirement of our company for the conclusion of a contract between us.
6.3. In this context, by completing the relevant field online, you explicitly state that you wish and that you provide the
your consent to the above purposes in accordance with the terms and conditions of this policy. Provide your above consent in the following ways:
When you subscribe to the information service via electronic letters (newsletter).
When creating your personal or business account.
When ordering services as well as when drafting contracts through our Website.
6.4. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Revocation of consent does not affect the legality of the processing
relied on consent prior to its revocation. Withdrawal of your consent is done in the same way as its provision.


7.1. Our Company does not provide your personal data or link its file for financial or other consideration to any third party private companies, natural or legal persons, public authorities or services or other organizations.
7.2. For the purposes of the processing, which are mentioned in this policy, our Company may provide access to or transmit the following types of personal data to the following processors on behalf of and on its behalf:
Your financial data to the credit institution, with which we always cooperate for the processing of payments to and from your bank accounts and credit card accounts, in order to repay your financial debts to our Company, Your personal data to the internet service provider hosting, with which we maintain a contractual relationship, in order to host them on the EVMAREIA Website.
Your personal data in the company, which provides us with maintenance services and support of software programs and databases, in order to support the EVMAREIA Website
Preference data and contact details for third party marketing and advertising companies for commercial communication, marketing and advertising of our services or third party services.
Your personal data to third party consulting firms for the provision of data analysis services.
Your financial data and contact information with you in debtor information companies, in case of your overdue debts to our Company after your prior information.
Your personal data to auditors, accountants, financial or professional advisors as well as investors in the context of the transfer of part or all, merger, branch or other universal succession, liquidation, bankruptcy or submission to another process of the bankruptcy code of our company.
7.3. The processing of your personal data by the above bodies cooperating with us is carried out under our control and only by our order and is subject to the same data protection policy or to a policy of at least the same level of protection.
7.4. In case it is obliged by a court or other administrative authority as well as in any other case that has a legal obligation to do so, our Company may provide your personal data up to the extent provided by law, but after informing you.
7.5. You recognize and authorize our Company to provide upon request and on your behalf your contact details, namely your name, address, e-mail, address and your mobile and / or landline number, (or any of them) as well as any other requested personal data of any professional or business, which you have requested / accepted to provide you with the service of your choice. Our Company expects and asks the professionals to respect your Personal Data, to use it only in the context of the operating purposes of our Website and not to disclose it to third parties. Nevertheless, you acknowledge and accept unconditionally that our Company can not supervise these professionals or companies in compliance with the above commitments, that you take the relevant risk and that our Company bears absolutely no responsibility, nor owes any kind of compensation in case a professional who has access to your Personal Data, uses it for reasons other than the provision of his services to you or if he discloses them to third parties without your permission.


8.1. Our Company, in order to ensure the correct use and integrity of your personal data as well as to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, processing, deletion, alteration or other use thereof, implements appropriate internal policies, while receiving all appropriate organizational, technical , physical, electronic and procedural security measures, as well as technological standards, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
8.2. The data processing process by our Company is carried out in a way that ensures their confidentiality and physical and logical security, taking into account the latest developments, implementation costs and nature, scope, context and purposes of processing, as well as the risks of different probability of occurrence and seriousness of your rights and freedoms.
8.3. The processing of your personal data is carried out exclusively by the personnel of the Company authorized for this purpose, who are bound by strict obligations for the observance of their confidentiality.


9.1. We retain your personal data for as long as the purposes for which they were collected and are listed above remain in force.
9.2. Our Company may retain your personal data after the fulfillment of the purposes of their collection and processing in the following restricted cases:
As long as there is a legal obligation from a relevant provision of law.
For use before tax and social security authorities as well as any other auditing authority within the legal statute of limitations.
If required for the operation and organization of our Company provided that pseudonymization of your data takes place.
To defend our rights and legal interests before any competent Court and any other public authority.
9.3. At the end of the retention period, your personal data is destroyed by our archives and system in accordance with our business policy and provided that their retention is no longer required to fulfill the purposes described above.


10.1. As data subjects you have the right to request and receive access, information, and a copy of your personal data, which we collect and process. If you want a copy of part or all of your personal data, please contact us at the details of our Company that we quote in the relevant chapter hereof.
10.2. We further inform you that you have the opportunity at any time to exercise your rights under the terms and conditions of the law, as they arise from the GCC regarding the correction, deletion and portability of your personal data as well as to limit and oppose the processing their,
10.3. The above requests are addressed in writing by postal letter to the headquarters of our Company. Our Company will respond to your every request within one month of receiving it. Upon your notification, this deadline may be extended by a further two months, if required, taking into account the complexity of the request and the number of requests. Any rejection of your request will take place reasonably.
10.4. If your requests do not meet the requirements of the law, our Company reserves the right, either: (a) to impose a reasonable fee, taking into account the administrative costs of providing the information or the announcement or execution of the requested action, or (b) refuse to comply with your request.
10.5. If there are any doubts about the identity of the natural person submitting the request, we reserve the right to request the provision of additional information necessary to confirm his identity.
10.6. If your rights are violated, we inform you that you have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority or other competent supervisory authority.


11.1. By using the Website as well as by providing your personal data after consent, you acknowledge that you have the obligation to state the real, accurate and complete information requested by our Company. Furthermore, you must inform our Company of any changes to this information in order to keep it up to date and accurate.
11.2. If it is found that you do not comply with the above obligations or if our Company has reasonable suspicions that the information you provide is false or incomplete or in any way contrary to the law or the Terms of Use or this Data Protection Policy, we retain right to reject your registration request or to suspend or terminate your account immediately without notice. In this case, you have no right to any compensation for the rejection of your application, or the suspension or termination of your account.
11.3. You acknowledge that our Company may delete, cross-reference, supplement or modify the information you provide based on information legally provided by third parties. In this case, our Company will provide you with relevant information, following the legal procedure.
11.4. By using the Website you confirm that you are over sixteen (16) years old. If you are under sixteen (16) years old you have the obligation to refrain from any use of the Website as well as from any provision of your personal data without the approval of the person exercising your parental responsibility. If you do not comply with the above obligations, you must immediately notify our company. In any case, by using the Website you acknowledge that our Company is not responsible for the breach of the above obligations by you to the extent that it is not possible, even if it makes reasonable efforts, to verify your age or consent of your parent.


12.1. Our Website operates with cookies. For more information please visit our relevant website regarding our use of cookies [hyperlink].


13.1. For the resolution of any dispute that arises between our Company and the users of the Website regarding the present data protection policy and its object, the courts of Athens are competent and the applicable law is the Hellenic one, without taking into account the rules of its conflict.
13.2. Should a provision of this policy be revoked by a decision of a competent court as illegal, valid and enforceable, this will not affect the remainder of its provisions, which will remain in force and will be properly enforced.


14.1. The services of the Website are provided by the company with the distinctive title “EVMAREIA”. The details of our Company are as follows:
Distinctive Title: EVMAREIA
Headquarters: NAVARINOU 33 KALAMATA 24100
TIN: 035235612
Tax Office: Kalamata
14.2. For any further information or request regarding this data protection policy you can contact our representative at the following details: