Tomato chutney 230gr


The word tomato has an interesting past just as the origin of the fruit does. Tomato, or in italian, pomodoro, can be broken down in several ways. Pomo d’oro, which in italian translates to golden apple, refers to a specific type of tomato which at the cusp of ripeness is a beautiful shade of golden yellow.

Another possible origin of the word derives from the aphrodisiac qualities of the fruit in the french translation pomme d’amour, the love apple.

Mamellada Tomato chutney has an addition of curry and vinegar in order to create a delicious way to store these fresh tomatoes all year round!
This Tomato Chutney is truly addictive, making everything from legumes to meet and even grilled veggies taste better.

Suitable for vegan and vegetarians
No artificial’s and colors added

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